Our mission

Our mission is simple: to empower women of all ages to embrace and invest in the best versions of themselves today. The Bias Cut unapologetically celebrates all ages, ensuring all women feel seen, confident and valued at last, whatever their age.

Founded in 2016, The Bias Cut has been ahead of the curve in identifying the gap and need to disrupt the Fashion industry’s perception of age, and pioneer a new, age-inclusive approach to shopping and style.

Key strengths

An empowering shopping experience: uniquely curated collections mixing independent premium labels with 2 in-house labels; unique age-inclusive photography; & dedicated shopping filters.

Ageism is Never In Style ® movement & campaign, pioneering change within the fashion industry – Highly Commended at Draper's Awards 2022 for Diversity & Inclusion award.

Award winning ‘ageism fighting trailblazer’ millennial founder, recognised as a leader of age-inclusivity in fashion industry.